Thursday, 22 January 2009

Feed my 'Delicious mind'

This is a re-write of a blog post that I read on the UK parliaments Lab website. I thought that it embodied the spirit of collaborative bookmarking on delicious so I have rewritten it to invite anyone to share their delicious bookmarks with me.
I found the blog post at:
I use Delicious to bookmark interesting sites/articles/ideas that I come across in the course of our work and my free time.
If you also use Delicious and want to let me know about an interesting article or just some information related to technology, physics, engineering, webdesign, electronics, hacking (the things I like) or things that you find interesting that you think I might like then take the following steps:
1) Add samthetechie to your Delicious network
2) When you’re saving a bookmark, add the tag ‘for:samthetechie’
3) That’s it.
I look forward to seeing what you’re reading…