Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Some old college emails

A couple of excerpts from old college emails:

Could the Colleges circulate to students requesting the
return of the dummy Heron removed from the pond on the Science site. We have some excellent CCTV footage of this and would rather have it returned to it's location than take the matter further.

While we all accept that lighthearted pranks and banter are expected at the start of term, things are beginning to get out of control. Serious incidents have occurred at both Chads and Castle this weekend which put at risk the right of all our members to visit these bars.In addition, the abuse of Hatfield students including singing anti-Hatfield songs in the wee small hours of the morning has got out of control as has general noise along the Bailey on the way into town.There have also been complaints about noise very late at night in Brooks. You are reminded that "trophying" is not condoned by the Society and if it does happen, it is tradition that if the trophied item has any monetary or significant sentimental value it should be returned to the college concerned, via the Society President if preferred. To start with, the tiger from Castle's Bar must be returned before Wednesday to avoid futher action.