Thursday, 11 November 2010

LHS Workshop Upgrade :D

So as a Tuesday social turned into late-night hackery at 2am on Wednesday... a few of us spontaneously decided to upgrade the workshop, we hope you like it. :D
I suppose the only way of summing up what we were aiming for was, "a place for everything and everything in it's place". By Wednesday evening we accomplished the following:
  • installed a tool board from an old metal-framed bed (see picture).
  • installed shelving for power tools.
  • reorganised the wood store.
  • printed some PLA coat hooks on the makerbot and made a rack for labcoats.
  • generally tidied the workshop.
We are really hoping that you guys like what we did and invite anyone that is good at woodwork to make and install new mounting plates and boards for the remaining tools that have not been mounted yet and are homeless! You can find them in a clear plastic box below the new tool rack.

Special thanks to Billy, Matthew Gaffen, Kaloyan Palatov.

Thanks to others that leant a hand moving stuff, taking photos and keeping morale high with choice banter.

LHS ftw