Sunday, 30 September 2012

Observations of Alecm's Observations of @cryptopartylond / #cryptoparty

thank you for your observations expressed in your blog post:

From reading your post I believe you perhaps have not quite grasped what Cryptoparty is. Please read this page which holds the currently held view of what cryptoparty is:
It seems that you are evaluating this event in terms of a format (the Bar Camp) and a culture that we have never subscribed to or endorsed. So please take care to read our documentation to see where we are coming from before comparing us to something which is largely irrelevant.
 We have been very clear about our culture on our documentation and when explaining the idea to people, Cryptoparty London has inherited a culture of Do-ocracy, Sudo-Leadership, and Excellence from here which derives from Noisebridge's 'Tripartite Pillars' and, ancestrally, from the international hackspace design patterns (from the 24th CCC in 2007, You now have all of the references to correctly inform yourself of our culture and our aims.