Tuesday, 30 October 2012


What is happening?

Hurricane #Sandy

Why help?

It is pretty simple: People before borders. Tech beyond borders. We need to help.

How you can help

Dear all I am @samthetechie from London Hackspace. I am the founder of sukey.org and sukey.io

I am an electronic engineer and I have been lurking in #hurricanehackers on irc.freenode.net looking to collaborate with people there. Please come and join me. 


This is all the google docs tidied and copied onto a website- I am actively looking for collaborators, I can add anyone that emails me their github handle, access to push to this repo.

Rapid Project Deployment and Development

  1. git clone (from the server) git@github.com:HurricaneHackers/hurricanehackers.com.git
  2. this will publish to http://www.hurricanehackers.com/
  3. thereafter git pull to 'fast forward' to the latest
  4. Do not modify files on the server.
  5. I would love help with some git post-hook triggers for pushing the repo live auto magically each time.


I badly need help to run this, I am really busy with code.  Please get in touch.

there is also https://twitter.com/HurricaneHackrs but it appears it is not very active and has 3 posts!I dont have access :(


where I am trying to fork all of the other sandy github projects I can see.

Samuel Carlisle BEng (Hons) Dunelm MIET
pgp: 0x54828CAA
twitter: @samthetechie