Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I want to Volunteer at 29c3

I am an electronic engineer and happy to help volunteer with any Audio Visual, Tech Support, Networking, Hacking, Troubleshooting and Emergency Soldering etc

Can you help me get to 29c3?

  • I am looking for some floorspace to crash on during the conference
  • Car share (like going with a hacker from the London/UK or something) to come to the conference / Hamburg.
  • I would love to meet over 9000 local hackerspace guys, geeks, CCC guys not only during the conference but also before and after the conference.
  • Hang with some cool guys for Xmas, I can provide thermodynamic advise/consultancy with the Xmas meal preparation.
  • Essentially I want to join the Hamburg tech community and learn some German before and after the event and meet lots of awesome people and friendly hackers and contribute lots of hard work and enthusiasm in setting up and packing away 29C3 in order to attend the conference at reduced cost.


I have been very active in the following movements: hurricanehackers, occupy, cryptoparty, hackerspace/maker, hacker, and some other 'operations'. It has been a great fucking year man!


I am one of the organizers of CryptopartyLondon (I am looking forward to hacking the conference getting lots of little stammtischs running). I am also looking forward to collaborating with the guys (User:DrWhax, User:K3t, User:Mo, User:Onny, User:PlugMeInBaby, User:Rysiek, User:TheAlex, and User:Zombb) I have been working with Asher Wolf to grow and evolve the movement (particularly in Europe) over the past couple of months. I met some great guys from Hackeriet and the Brussels hackerspace this year.


I was at Occupy for 9 months and I founded the tech team there to help empower the people of the movement with technology. At Occupy I learnt to try and live more sustainably and I have been living with less and less money in order to increase my freedom and maximize the time I can give to movements and spend at the hackspace.

Hurricane Hackers

I joined this collective to help with the recovery operation in #NYC after hurricane Sandy.



I am the co-founder and inventor of Sukey an app designed to keep demonstrators safe, mobile and informed.

About Me

  • So now I am, essentially a poor/starving/nomadic hacker coming from London Hackspace where I have been a member for like 2 years.


Sam Carlisle is an electronic engineer, community organizer, civic media expert, and entrepreneur. He establishes technical infrastructure and social patterns that enable collaboration and participation, facilitates and inspires teams, and creates and promotes the use of civic media and disruptive technologies — from 3D printers to etherpads to apps for direct action. Sam is the co-founder, a platform to keep demonstrators safe, mobile, and informed. He founded OccupyLSX tech, is a key contributor to Cryptoparty, and has been known to go all-in on initiatives like Hurricane Hackers. A longtime member of the London Hackspace, Sam repairs and hacks everything he owns, and helps others become empowered by and invoved with maker culture. He has a BEng with honors from Durham University, and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).