Saturday, 21 December 2013

Final thoughts from Factor e Farm and introducing a new Hackerspace

I have begun to tidy up my project areas at the Hablab at Factor e Farm, at the Open Source Ecology Project. It is two days before I am scheduled to fly back to Berlin which, by the way, is an enormous distance from here at around 4734 miles away.

I am reminded that over 5 weeks ago I did the same journey to get here and I have experienced and accomplished a lot since then, here is a link to my wiki work log: and a photo of all my finished tickets from our (analogue) scrum board:

Yay for the Hablab!
I would also like to thank everybody that has previously worked on the hablab. I am sure my stay here was in relative luxury compared to when you were actually building the hablab! I saw the videos of its construction and it looked like really hard work!

The Story of HabLab: 2011-12 from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

I hope that during my stay I have left it a bit better than I found it (both the Torch Table and the Hablab) and that the next DPVs at the farm will do the same again. We are all giants standing on the shoulders of giants.

There have also been some real highlights of the trip that happened offsite:
Kansas City 2600 Meetup

Dropping in on a Friend 
Funnily enough the surprise was very much on me...

Hammerspace in Kansas City 
Visiting the local hackerspace!

FactorEFarm Hackerspace 
I hope that my time here has been useful to OSE and has been well spent and that the action of setting up a mini hackerspace is generative and makes the space more productive and I hope that the space will continue to exist at the farm and be built on by others.

An Invitation
I would also like to warmly invite all hackers, makers, engineers and others who are interested in working on the project remotely or indeed those who would consider applying to do a dedicated project visit and I am happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more about my experiences while I was a DPV here.

Jan 2014: CEB Press
The next meetup at Factor e Farm will be in January 2014 where people will be working on the CEB press I would be cool to come back out here with a team of Engineers (we need specialists in Electronics, Electrical and Mechnical Engineering- background in hydraulics would be a plus!) and also someone who is dedicated to taking photos, videos and is good at wiki editing / blog writing and documentation / storytelling.