Friday, 5 December 2008

Experiment Update (7)

The phone setup in the prior experimental updates was:
Phone Mode: Normal
Data Connection: Bluetooth Serial Port Emulation- COM9
Battery Status: Discharging

I have just finished setting up the USB connection and the phone is now back outside.
The phone setup is now:
Phone Mode: Flight Mode (GSM Disabled)
Data Connection: USB Serial Port Emulation- COM3
Battery Status: Charging

Several questions come to mind:
1) Does charging the battery generate any heat? (Likely answer is yes).
2) Which services/peripherals are really disabled when the phone is put into flight-mode?
3) Will the steady state temperature of the two temperature sensors be lower than before? (Unsure as more than two of the test conditions have been changed i.e. not a strict manipulated/responding relationship between switching the phone from 'normal mode' to 'flight mode' and observing the effect on steady-state temperature).
I propose third round of experimentation (which suits my need to procrastinate more than anything else) in which I enable Bluetooth whilst in flight mode (removing the USB connection) so as to isolate the effect of disabling the GSM from the incidental heating which may result from the fact that phone is transmitting it's data via USB rather than bluetooth.