Friday, 5 December 2008

Phone. Dangle. Bluetooth. Sensor. Cold.

So I was messing around with MyPhoneExplorer- I established a Bluetooth link and am currently charging the phone (the chord of which also conveniently serves as a tether by which to dangle the phone out of the window). I don't like my phone that much anyway. But in the interest of science, seeing if the temperature readings can actually be reflective of the environment the phone is in, it is a small price to pay to have my phone dangle out of a window. After all, it is kind of in a protective casing. The idea for the test occurred when I was thinking of ways to put off doing my C coding assignment due in tomorrow. I was playing with Bluetooth in anticipation of receiving my wiimote (to make my own multi-point interactive display inspired by this work: and I came across the 'Monitor' function under the 'Others' group in the MyPhoneExplorer software. I googled the current forecast for temperature tonight and have been occasionally looking in at the temperature. Let's see if the phone temperature reading tends towards the forecast.
Currently, batt temp: 13*c and phone temp: 17*c. Looking good!